Monday, October 17, 2016

May 2016 Photo Diary

 We have been friends since before the Spice Girls and catching up once every year or so is amazing.

 NOLA restaurant in Palo Alto

 When oysters are on sale at Whole Foods...

 Saap Ver restaurant in SF

 Watching basketball with the parents.

 iTea in Newark

I did a poor job of documenting this, but I helped my dad construct this in the backyard!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

April 2016 Photo Diary

April was a surprisingly busy month! Max left for Texas so of course I'd fill up my time with distractions.

 Sister's birthday lunch

 Quick, 1 day trip to Napa to visit my Wingman. We went hard.

 Spent the weekend with my ONLY college bff and her family. 

 It was her 2nd baby shower and it was Kate Spade perfection.

 Volunteered my time working the bar at a charity art show. I made a ton of tips.

 Local Korean joint in Newark.

 Dinner party at Osha Embarcadero. Dad went a little too hard.

March 2016 Photo Diary

 Ramen in Union City

 My great-grandmother met her great-great-grandson! There was approximately 103.25 year difference between them!

 Rainbows and boyfriend who hates paparazzi

 REI Garage Sale

 Overpriced but tasty cocktails in Hayward

Best lunch deal in San Leandro. $10 for a burger, fries or salad, and a pint at Drake's

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Feb 2016 Photo Diary

Yes, I seriously need to catch up! I can't believe I haven't updated since my snowboarding trip in January. It's easy to get lazy. Max had spent about 9 months in Texas at this point so in February we were really quite honeymoon-y.

The Interval is one of my favorite bar/cafes in San Francisco. It is part coffeeshop, part museum. Seeing what's inside is totally worth the visit:

-A never-repeating ambient painting by Brian Eno. 
-A scaled-down prototype of the 10,000 Year Clock
-The Orrery, which is a display of all planets visible from Earth to the naked eye
-The Chime Generator, which will creates a unique bell sequence every single day for 10,000 years
-The book of Long Bets, in which any individual can make a bet or prediction. The stakes start at $200. Bets range from " 2029 no computer will beat the Turing Test" to "the mens US soccer team will win the World Cup before the Red Sox win the World Series"
-A wall of hand-selected books chosen for their importance in rebuilding and sustaining human civilization. I believe the wall can only hold 3500 books and it's nearly full! Once the wall is complete, if a book were to be added, then another book would have to be removed.

 Ministry of Supply is my boyfriend's favorite store. They just started selling pants and shirts for ladies!

 Brunch in bed.

 I added a work desk to my room!

 I don't know why this gives me the warm fuzzies. I think it has to do with us looking like retirees together.

 Visiting the boyfriend's new workplace

 Hiking in Hayward

 Hiking and exploring Auburn

Downtown Sacramento